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Equine Info Exchange - Bronc Riding

Bronco riding is an equestrian sport that is part of rodeo competitions. In bronco riding, a rider attempts to stay on a bucking horse for eight seconds. The horse is typically a young, unbroken horse that is specifically bred for its bucking ability. The horses are called broncs or broncos.

There are two main types of bronco riding: bareback bronc riding and saddle bronc riding. In bareback bronc riding, the rider does not use a saddle. Instead, they grip a leather or rawhide rigging that is cinched onto the horse's back. In saddle bronc riding, the rider uses a saddle, but the saddle is specifically designed to allow the horse to buck freely.

The goal of bronco riding is to stay on the horse for as long as possible. The rider's score is based on the length of time they stay on, the number of jumps the horse makes, and the degree of difficulty of the horse's bucking.

Bronco riding is a dangerous sport, and riders can be seriously injured or even killed. However, it is also a very exciting sport to watch, and it is a popular event at rodeos around the world.

Here are some of the characteristics of a good bronc horse:

  • Young and unbroken
  • Strong and athletic
  • Bucking ability
  • Willingness to buck

Bronc horses are typically trained by rodeo professionals. The training process involves teaching the horse to buck and to buck in a controlled manner. The training process can take several months or even years.

Bronco riding is a challenging and dangerous sport, but it is also a very exciting and rewarding one. The riders who compete in bronco riding are some of the most skilled and talented athletes in the world.

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