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The equestrian sport of carriage driving with horses is called combined driving. It is a demanding sport that tests the skills of both the driver and the horses. The sport has three phases:

  • Dressage: This phase is judged on the horse's obedience, gaits, and way of going.
  • Marathon: This phase is a timed event that tests the horse's endurance and athleticism. Drivers must navigate a course that includes obstacles such as water jumps, hills, and bridges.
  • Obstacle cones: This phase is a timed event that tests the driver's accuracy and the horse's responsiveness. Drivers must maneuver their carriage through a course of cones without knocking any of them over.

Combined driving is a challenging but rewarding sport. It is a great way to build a strong bond with your horse and to enjoy the outdoors.

Here are some other terms related to carriage driving:

  • Single: A carriage driven by one horse.
  • Pair: A carriage driven by two horses, one in front of the other.
  • Tandem: A carriage driven by two horses, one behind the other.
  • Four-in-hand: A carriage driven by four horses, two in front and two behind.
  • Carriage: The vehicle that is pulled by the horses.
  • Harness: The equipment that is used to attach the horses to the carriage.
  • Driver: The person who sits in the carriage and controls the horses.

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Horse Carriage Driving Enthusiasts Compete on Brean Beach

Scores of horse-drawn carriages gathered for a regional competition on Brean Beach this week.

Horse driving enthusiasts from across the South West flocked to take part in the competition held on the sands.

Organised by the Somerset Area British Driving Society, the event attracted riders from Somerset, Devon and Dorset.

Organiser Kathleen Hill told the hard sand and calm weather provided ideal conditions.

"Brean beach is a lovely venue that's great for carriage driving. The event was a lot of fun and had a competition element and was well supported," she said.

This article originally appeared on Burnham On Sea and is published here with permission.

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