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Photo by the EIE Editorial Staff Featuring Wedgwood Coalport Hunting Scene China
Photo by the EIE Editorial Staff Featuring Wedgwood Coalport Hunting Scene China

It’s time for the holidays and we love incorporating horses into our lives when we entertain. Here are a few simple ideas to create new memories and traditions with your friends and families.

Decorate your home with horse-themed elements:

Organize horse-themed activities for the family:

  • Host a horse-themed movie night: Cuddle up with blankets and snacks to watch a classic horse movie like "The Black Stallion" or "National Velvet." Here are some of our favorite horse movies!
  • Play horse-themed games or download mobile apps for video games!
  • Create horse-themed crafts: Make your own horse-shaped ornaments, decorate horse-shaped cookies, or paint horse-themed pictures.
  • Read horse-themed stories: Share heartwarming tales like "Black Beauty" or "The Horse Whisperer" with your family. There are many others in our selection of books!
  • Plan a horse-themed scavenger hunt: Hide clues around your house or backyard that leads to a hidden horse-themed treat or gift.

Indulge in horse-themed treats:

  • Bake horse-shaped cookies or cupcakes using cookie cutters or molds.
  • Create horse-themed snacks using fruits and vegetables, such as apple slices for horseshoes and grape clusters for manes.
  • Make a horse-themed drink, such as a "Wild Mustang" cocktail or a "Neigh-borly Punch." Incorporate horse-themed elements into your holiday traditions:
  • Leave carrots and apples for the "reindeer" (or for your imaginary horse friend) on Christmas Eve.
  • Watch the classic holiday movie "It's a Wonderful Life" and pay attention to the horses throughout the film.
  • Give horse-themed gifts to your loved ones, such as books, movies, toys, or riding lessons.
  • Donate to a local horse rescue or equestrian organization in the spirit of giving.
  • Go on a sleigh ride! It’s a great way to get fresh air and fun for the whole family.

Do you have traditions? Let us know and share your photos with us! Send us your suggestions at We’d love to hear from you.

Have a safe and healthy holiday season!

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