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TracyTlore strives to present revolutionary platforms which leverage technology to benefit equine business owners. Here, we introduce you to TLore , an equine software management service.

Like many of us who have worked around horses, especially race horses, we have experienced a few scary moments. TLore founder Tracy Attfield has had a lifetime of such moments - starting at the age of 10.

Nothing equaled the exhilarating feeling she got when sitting astride racehorses every morning for over 20 years. A close second were those extreme highs when watching those horses win races. Those were fun, exciting, electrifying and sometimes frightening moments which solidified her obsession with horses and horse racing.

For those in the business of training racehorses, the ‘other’ scary moments rear their head. This includes a long list - make that a very, very long list - of day to day "panics."

To minimize these moments of anxiety, Tracy created TLore. As an internet based management program, accessible by phones, tablets and computers, TLore is an organizational tool that shares data with employees and owners, powers information on trainers' and owners' websites and enhances communication within the business.

TLore is an online business solution for training professionals and can help:

  • Organize your racing stable quickly and efficiently
  • Manage day-to-day operations of your stable
  • Save valuable time and yet maintain a high level of communication
  • Manage billing and invoicing, record and document training and set lists, racing history, health records, Lasix history, inventory, stakes nominations and more. sits down with Tracy as she shares more about herself and how her product is a tremendous asset to trainers.

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1. Tell us a bit about your background.
As a lifelong horse lover, all I ever wanted was a horse. Whether it was the first star I saw, pulling the biggest part of the turkey bone or blowing out all my birthday candles, that was all I wished for. At 10 years old, a horse called Charlotte was given to me by my parents for Christmas and I cried for a long time, I was so happy. I started out taking western riding lessons at 8 years old and did some 4-H shows. When I was around 15, I began English riding lessons from Pat Mendenhall whose husband Richard was a thoroughbred racehorse trainer. They mentored me every summer, working on their farm, breaking their two year olds and learning to gallop at Delaware Park.

After graduating with a BSc in Animal Science, minoring in Equine Studies at the Univ. of MD including a junior year abroad at the Univ. College of Wales in UK, I went straight to the track at Laurel racecourse. I only managed working one winter in MD and knew I would be heading to Florida the following winter where I met my ex-husband, Roger Attfield. I worked side by side with him for the next 17 years, learning the business inside and out.

2. What inspired you to create TLore?
Galloping our horses was always my true love and I feel very lucky and privileged to have been around some exceptionally nice horses and a highly successful stable. But I was also heavily involved with the business side including bookkeeping, invoicing, payroll and management of the racing stable.

Motivation came from those every day stressful moments that I lived through such as:

  • where are the foal papers
  • are the owner’s silks in the jocks room
  • is the owner licensed
  • did we make the stakes nomination
  • where is our workers comp certificate
  • what equipment did the horse wear in his last race
  • do we enter ‘first time lasix’
  • is the first time starter tattooed

The endless list of responsibilities involved in running a successful racing stable inspired the creation of TLore. The ultimate goals for TLore is to improve the economics of a stable as well as enhance the communication between team members.

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3. What were/are some of your business and technology challenges?
The normal methods of marketing don’t necessarily work in the horse industry. We are more about who you know and word of mouth. During my previous 20 years in the industry, I had forged many friendships and relationships with owners and trainers from Canada, Maryland, New York, Kentucky, California and Florida. Strong ties with prominent horseman such as Graham Motion, David Donk, Linda Rice and Todd Pletcher, four of my original clients, really started the ball rolling for my business.

My goal is to mix horses and technology and basically, the two don’t mix. Convincing horsemen to use a computer program to manage their racing stables and then trying to help with the day to day issues of using a computer proved very challenging. I have been successful because people trust me and they realize I will do all I can to help them. Knowing that I will answer the phone whenever they call makes the learning process less stressful and less frustrating.

4. We understand that you don't have a technical background, so let us know how you were able to create such a successful technology business?
I credit many of my initial trainers for their loyalty, belief in me and endless contributions towards improving the site. Equally as important to finding my client base was to find a programmer to build the site for me. After a few failed attempts, I found Buck Bohac whom I credit more than anyone for the success of TLore. Not only is he brilliant but also the perfect mix of understanding my needs, ability to relate to me and my clients, affordability and enthusiasm.

5. Your clients are currently race horse trainers, but it appears that owners and trainers can utilize your software.
TLore currently claims numerous owners and syndicates that utilize the site in many different ways. It is very customizable and capable of sharing the data with their websites. Our new TLore Quick Tools App, formatted for use on smart phones and tablets for all TLore clients, can also be used by blacksmiths, veterinarians and therapists for entering horse information on a daily basis and then accessed for quick reference and monthly invoicing.

6. It what ways do you envision advancements in technology to benefit the equine community at large?
In two words, time and money! Many owners complain about a lack of communication between them and the trainer. Many trainers complain about the lack of time to perform the endless number of tasks that are asked of them. Through TLore, integrated trainer websites, owner log in areas, automated emails, training reports, etc, a trainer actually saves time spent on the phone yet increases the amount of information shared with their owners.

7. Tell us about your pricing and the best way to reach you?
TLore pricing is based on the number of horses stored in the system at $3/horse/month. I offer unlimited technical support and a free 30 day trial period. I can be reached by email |

TLore testimonials from satisfied users!

"No question that I think using TLore for the invoicing is the best option for Herringwell Stables. Previously we used Quick Books Online to do our billing, which was a very slow and tedious process requiring a lot of duplication that all piled up at the end of the month. With TLore generating invoices throughout the month from daily activities posted for each horse, the end-of-month process has been cut significantly. Then we just enter owner totals in QB so we still can track our accounts receivable. A perfect match!" - Bookeeper, Wendy Moon

"We have always used TLore in conjunction wth Quick Books for our invoicing. We would pull all our reports and information from TLore and enter that into Quick Books. During our busiest months this would take up to a week to accomplish. We have switched to just using TLore for all our records AND invoicing. Our invoices are being generated automatically throughout the month based on what we are already entering in each day. This has proven to be much more productive and saves us time and money. I can now complete my invoices in one day and have them emailed out by the 1st of the month." - Anita Motion, wife of trainer Graham Motion

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