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Photo courtesy of Valley Vet
Photo courtesy of Valley Vet

Hoof boots provide horses with the support they need for everyday use, therapy, trailering and more. When purchasing hoof boots at Valley Vet Supply, each product page will have a horse boot size chart, which you can specifically look to, in order to make the best sizing decision for your horse. Learn all about measuring for hoof boots in the article and video below, and implement the following four tips to help ensure proper hoof measurement for your horse's Easyboots and Easycare hoof boots.

Photo courtesy of Horizon Structures
Photo courtesy of Horizon Structures

Horse Hoof Boot Size Chart

  1. After a fresh trim, measure the width of the hoof across the bottom at the widest point.
  2. Measure the length of the hoof from the toe to the buttress line of the heel. The buttress line is the farthest weight-bearing point of the heel where the hoof wall ends. Do not include the heel bulbs in the measurement.
  3. Compare your measurement with the appropriate size chart. Each boot style has its own unique size chart.
  4. Ideally, the length and width measurement will fit into the same size. If the length and width measurements indicate different sizes, select the larger size. If the width and length measurements are different by more than one size, your selected boot style is not recommended.* Be sure to check your measurements against an alternative boot in the EasyCare line, as another style may better accommodate your horse’s hoof shape.
*Note: If you are fitting an Easyboot Glue-On or Easyboot Glove, width and length must fall into the same size category.

Look to our selection of hoof boots to provide your horse constant hoof protection, while still enjoying the benefits of a barefoot horse. Measuring for hoof boots doesn't have to be hard. Check out this EasyCare blog for a fitting assistant! There, you can use your smartphone or a digital point-and-shoot camera to take crisp images of your horse's hoof, and answer a few brief questions, for assistance with hoof boot fitting and sizing. An Easy Care representative will be in contact with you within just one business day to help you determine sizing, and then you can place your order at Valley Vet Supply for Secretariat-fast shipping.

All photographs and images courtesy of Valley Vet.

This article originally appeared on Valley Vet and is published here with permission. Valley Vet Supply was founded in 1985 by veterinarians for people just like you - people who want the very best for their four-legged friends and livestock.

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